What drives social media engagement? Social media audiences love ShellMar PR. We read your audience, determine what makes them engage, and provide them unique content that creates dialogue. Our special social techniques build word-of-mouth marketing, recommendations, referrals, business opportunities.
Case Study:
A recent client in Stamford’s luxury rental real estate market had only a 39% occupancy rate, despite a thriving, but competitive, market. Utilizing a mix of customized strategies, beginning with corporate exposure, and followed by unique on-site events, where prominent event goers were demographically hand-selected by ShellMar PR, and invited, along with their own loyal following.
We cross-promoted the events with local businesses, secured a luxury magazine media sponsor, heavily seeded the social media oyster bed, and ShellMar PR delivered enough new tenant prospects to increase the building’s occupancy rate from 39% to 100%, in four short months. Its social media following increased by more than 150%.